About Us

Affordable Housing Solutions in Sioux Falls

About Us

Affordable Housing Solutions (AHS) is a collaborative community leader, providing innovative housing options for people with limited financial resources. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the Sioux Falls community and its lower-income residents by providing affordable, decent, safe and nondiscriminatory housing opportunities that further self-sufficiency and/or independent living.

For over twenty years, AHS has been a leader in the Sioux Falls community, providing opportunities that encourage inclusiveness, economic development, and community development. Beginning as a not for profit developer of senior living opportunities in the mid-1990s, AHS has evolved into an organization that seeks to revitalize neighborhoods, create paths for accessible homeownership, and provide safe and affordable rental living options for income-based residents. We take pride in empowering residents to achieve their life goals and further economic self-sufficiency.

To date, AHS has constructed twelve condominiums, eight apartment complexes, and nearly 125 single and multi-family homes. Our organization may be small, but we are making a big impact in our community.

Board of Directors

Keith W. Thompson – President
Brian Jans – Vice President
Ruth A. Christopherson – Secretary/Treasurer
Carrie Ensz – Avera Radiation Oncology
Mike Hauck, JD – Accord Commercial Real Estate
Jeremy Keckler – The First National Bank in Sioux Falls
David King – King Law Office
Jamie Smith – Hegg Realtors
Dixie Hieb – Davenport Evans Lawyers

Management Staff

Karl Fulmer, Executive Director (Contracted)

Vernon Kreun, Finance Director (Contracted)

Development Staff

Brent Tucker, Housing Development Director