Student Built Home - Moving day

July 19, 2016

Sioux Falls, SD -

Residents in the Whittier neighborhood have a new neighbor. A three bedroom house was transported from Career and Technical Education Academy to its permanent home.

Forty five students started working on the house last September and finished their part of the work this past May.

"We start with nothing. We start usually the first of September and by the first of May, second week in May we've got a house completely built. And it's fun to see the kids and their reaction to what they've accomplished in one year," said Bill Pulford one of the students instructors.

Housing Development Director said it's also rewarding to see so many people positively effected.

"I think one thing that people don't understand is affordable housing is really economic development as much as anything else. I mean the amount of money that we roll through the program goes right back into the community, and it does a lot of things. So it's really a great program, said Housing Development Director Wayne Wagner.

The home has three bedrooms one bathroom, is full energy star certified, and is still for sale to families at 80% or less of the median area income.