How you can help

Donate to Make A Difference

Your donation helps Affordable Housing Solutions serve families in need. Your gift does more than just provide a roof over the head. It also provides:

  • Security, safety and family stability
  • A stable environment for children which improves school attendance
  • Increased ability to find and maintain employment
  • Stronger ties to neighborhood and community

You can make a true difference in peoples' lives with your donation to Affordable Housing Solutions.


Choose one of the following options for your donation.


Helps Affordable Housing Solutions construct more single-family homes and affordable rental units.

Security Deposit Loan Account

Helps new renters by providing a revolving loan fund for the security deposit, which renters pay back to the account.


Helps purchase essential appliances for new homeowners.

Homeowner Starter Kit

Includes items for home maintenance and repair, such as shovel, rake, hose, tools, etc.


Your donation will be used where Affordable Housing Solutions needs it most.