About Us

Affordable Housing Solutions creates innovative housing solutions for people with limited financial resources.  We’re developing new and creative ways to revitalize neighborhoods through the provision of quality, affordable housing.

We are a not-for-profit organization, working together with governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals to give people the stability and security that a good home provides.

Board of Directors

  • Keith W. Thompson, Koch Hazard 
  • Gary G. Lane, First Premier Bank 
  • Corey Kopp, Augustana College 
  • Shelley Graham, DakotAbilities
  • Ruth A. Christopherson, Citi Community Development
  • Jamie Manning,  Southeastern Behavioral Health
  • Clara Jacob, Paulsen Marketing
  • Becky Burri, AmeriStar Real Estate, Incorporated
  • Darrel Bartell, HJN Realtors
  • Brian Jans, Jans Corporation


  • Shireen Ranschau, Executive Director
  • Wayne Wagner, Housing Development Director
  • Vernon Kruen, Finance Director